StreetSquares is a full-service company, headquartered in New York City with teams in Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Portland, Seattle, North Carolina, Florida, Las Vegas, Puerto Rico, Bogota, Brazil, Rome, Verona, Milan, Paris, UK, Berlin, Dublin, Barcelona, Madrid, Hong Kong, Malaysia.


We work with urban contemporary artists, street artists, conceptual artists, performance and visual artists, writers, visionaries, film-makers, photographers, musicians, Dj's, bands, in all areas of the arts and the entertainment industry.


Our Vision is to inspire change through the Arts. Our Mission is to create landmark projects to entertain, educate and revive. Our Value proposition is to connect our global network of artists with business, institutions and individuals to craft unique, memorable projects that transcend conventional boundaries to create healthy collaborations between the Artistic and Business communities.


Why StreetSquares. The unique StreetSquares signature approach is infinitising artists' creative space by eliminating the distinction between physical and virtual space, and creating new avenues of fruition, conducive to physical aggregation and community generation.  We create projects that mix cultures, geographies, natural materials and digital technologies to uplift collective consciousness. By cultivating a core of established artists, while embracing new and upcoming artists alike, StreetSquares works on a niche of projects that use the arts to expand consciousness on the fundamental themes of our life on this planet, and to promote sustainable living. We establish a strong relationship with our artists in a way that we can explore the different dimensions of their talent thus creating authentic narratives about their work that helps brands and institutions see how they make their messages create impact through the arts. 


Organised to deliver. Our artist representatives, web designers, digital marketing consultants, and talented production teams are made of dedicated professionals, with solid backgrounds in multiple industries. We are organised in results-oriented groups with ad hoc curators per artist/specialty. Each individual in our teams is educated and trained to manage both the creative and the business matters.

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