StreetSquares LLC NYC operations (2015 to 2017) were abruptly stopped because:


Simeone Scaramozzino

Zoe Weber (Accomplice)


Second Degree Grand Larceny  | Felony Embezzlement | Check Signature Forgery | Wire and Tax Fraud  | Abandoning a Business LLC

Simeone Scaramozzino wanted for Embezzlement

Francisco Gonzalez Ramos aka Francisco de Pajaro aka Art is Trash aka El Arte es Basura


Abandoning a Business LLC  | Defamation of Character - Slander - Libel

Summary of Events:

  • Simeone Scaramozzino (Former SSllc ceo) on November 2016 committed fraud grand larceny withdrawing funds in excess of $65K including using unauthorized business funds for personal use from the SSllc business bank account this action was done without all mutual partners consent.  Simeone then leaves for Jersey City (Zoe Weber mom's house) for approximatly 5 months then leaves for Rome, Milan and Calabria Italy in 2018-2019 never to return to the US.  He is currently in hiding between Rome, Milan, Vibo Valentia, Calabria and Molfetta Italy after being fired from his last position in Rome.  

  • From June to October 2016, Francisco and Steve were regularly frustrated with Simeone's performance, unreliability, excuses, ghostlighting becoming a wedge between Steve and Francisco, misrepresentation of his financial position as well as hiding the accounting books from Francisco, bad reviews from female friends and clients, not bringing in clients, fact is Simeone Scaramozzino did not even invest a penny in the company, but spent and stole thousands of hard earned dollars that Francisco and Steve were bringing in from top brands, art festivals, web technical services.

  • On November 2016 the opening day of the Mataura Art is Trash first NYC solo exhibition, Francisco on his own privately without Steve Pagan's concent verbally fired Simeone at the Castle FitzJohn's galler.,  Francisco did this without realizing that Simeone Scaramozzino was stealing company funds, art that was left behind in Italy, NJ and art supplies that were not returned to Francisco.  Simeone was stealing from Francisco from right under his nose, even the night of the exhibition, keeping some cash sales hiding in his pockets, even after two weeks of being fired Simeone Scaramozzino used the company debit card again spending hundreds of dollars for continued personal use including charging yoga sessions, dentists visits, went shopping for food and expensive wines! Steve Pagan and Citibank management were going over the account live as Simeone was using the card, they cancelled the extra card he was hiding from his partners!


  • In fury from day one, Francisco continues to publicly unfairly blame Steve Pagan for Simeone Scaramozzino actions with the logic that it was Steve that introduced Simeone to him therefore "It's ALL your fault Pagan, i am going to publicly humiliate you on the streets and on Facebook and Instagram, it's the only way i can get back at you..."  Evidence of those statements have been submitted to Facebook and Instagram awaiting response.  Francisco Gonzalez Ramos has to realize that Steve Pagan is not legally responsible for Simeone Scaramozzino's criminal behavior and mental health issues.    


  • Francisco resides in Barcelona, refuses to deal with these matters in the US in person, continues to illegally blame and defame Steve Pagan publicly without a shread of legal evidence! ​Francisco came back to America summer 2017, stayed at Steve's 240 Broadway Loft Studios to make sure he physically went over all the bank statements, paypal account statements, Francisco himself personally audited and signed accounting ledgers for 2015, 16 and 17.  In Addition, Francisco submitted signed certified handwritten documents detailing his executive and artistic position, made detailed lists itemizing all materials that were stolen by Simeone and not returned to Barcelona or to the studio in Brooklyn. Francisco continues to upload promotional videos calling Simeone a thief, clearly stating Simeone Scaramozzino was culpable for the losses


  • Both Francisco and Steve went to all the temporary office locations Simeone had set up in different areas in Midtown Manhattan, they spoke with Simeone's local partners and associates to let them know about his deception, Steve then took Francisco to talk to the designated police station detectives, they consulted with several well known attorneys which ended up wanting $5,000+ in retainers and did not guarantee any fund recoveries, they spoke to Citibank management,  Met with Citibank's fraud division to verify the video shows Simeone Scaramozzino taking the $26,000 in cash out of the account, they said YES it was Simeone! Steve and Francisco were asking for help from many people they knew in the collectors, curators, street arts and graffiti arts community.

  • Francisco left the US very upset end of summer 2017 telling Steve via email and FB messenger "forget it, we will never get our money back" continued by another email"dont call me, don't email me, keep everything, i want nothing other than to be done with you and StreetSquares i am moving on"  Ladron!!! 


  • For the past two years BOTH Simeone Scaramozzino and Francisco de Pajaro have left Steve Pagan with a mess!

  • Steve is exhausted dealing with fraud detectives, lawyer/accountant fees and the IRS by himself!

  • Steve Pagan is moving forward and closing this matter! 


  • StreetSquares LLC has formally submitted police reports, tax extensions, secured accountant, alerted the IRS on the whereabouts of both Simeone Scaramozzino and Francisco Gonzalez Ramos aka Francisco de Pajaro aka Art is Tra$h aka El Arte es Basura both hiding from NYC Brooklyn Police Department fraud division detectives, DOJ, FBI, CIA. Both parties wanted for questioning are currently living in Calabria Italy, Jersey City, NJ and Barcelona Spain.  Steve unfortunately can't file a civil suit against both of them because both parties are currently overseas and both are not american citizens.  ​

  • Francisco on December 2019 claimed Steve "stole" art from the Art is Tra$h - Mataura Exhibition NYC 2016, as well as funds from the company.  Francisco also claims he did not earn or receive a penny from all the earnings.  These are all lies, Steve has stored all the remainder art that was not sent back to Barcelona, this includes 25 museum quality frames well over 300 pounds.  Francisco knows this, it's been in proper safe storage in Queens.  Francisco left this art behind, Steve has been paying for the storage because Francisco just can't figure out what to do with it from Barcelona.  Francisco has not executed procedures to legally dissolve the company LLC, he refuses to deal with his portion of his state, federal taxes, income percentage splits, other legal accounting details that will be posted. The last Steve heard from Francisco was in September 2018 to make arrangements for said art to be picked up February / March 2019 as he was going to have a friend come get the art, Steve never heard back from either. 

  • Steve Pagan was also scammed and ripped off by Simeone Scaramozzino!  Steve will be making a formal public statement and will uploading more detailed evidence that includes timelines, below are the police reports, he is making public all emails and messenger text sent/received from Francisco de Pajaro and Simeone Scaramozzino exposing their unfortunate lies, exaggerations and hatred. 


View NYPD Police Report Below

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Simeone Scaramozzino aka Eno Emis (left) acting like nothing even happened! 

This picture is taken hours after Francisco de Pajaro (right) fires Simeone at the Castle Fitz John Gallery - Art is Trash first NYC Solo Exhibition November 2016.  

Simeone had just withdrawn $26,000 in cash from the SSllc company account the day before the exhibition without concent of his partners, in addition, after bookkeeper audits it gets discovered Simeone spent over $35,000 in personal expenses without the partners permission.  Simeone chooses to disappear to Jersey City, NJ never to communicate with Francisco de Pajaro and or Steve Pagan. 

Simeone Scaramozzino misappropriatred StreetSquares LLC company earnings from 2015 to 2017


 - We received the below email June 2019, a review and testimonial from the CEO of Sensium Studios, 

Simeone Scaramozzino's last position in Rome, we feel it should to be shared with the world! >>

Simeone Scaramozzino fired from position in Sensium Studios Rome Italy 2019

- Simeone Scaramozzino continues to claim he is the CEO of AntiGravity Inc. the company behind the newest fitness craze AntiGravity® Yoga and Antigravity® Hammock.  

  • We were told "Simeone Scaramozzino was fired in less than a year of being hired, Simeone had nothing to do with the success of the brand", SSllc is awaiting formal statements from Christopher Harrison the founder and CEO and Alex Schlemp his Managing partner at Antigravity Fitness. 

simeone scaramozzino antigravity fitness

 - Simeone Scaramozzino 2020 Net Worth $$$$ millions?


Steve Pagan will be providing IPhone recovered audio recordings taken 19 November 2016 of Simeone Scaramozzino admitting to taking the SSllc company money, committing grand larceny, Paypal and Citibank wire fraud, and more.  These recordings are being processed for better quality and submitted to the NYPD.